CrossFit Adaptations Part 11- Accuracy

Well, kids, we made it! This is the final installment of our CrossFit Adaptations series. I hope you’ve gained some awareness about the 10 Tenants of Fitness we strive for in CrossFit training. All of us are going to have some that come naturally and others we need to work at to improve. Knowing where you need to spend time (based on deficiencies) and actually doing it, will pay dividends toward becoming a better athlete. But I’m kinda getting ahead of myself. Let not overlook this last component of fitness- Accuracy.

Accuracy is defined as the ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.

How is this a skill of our fitness?

Accuracy is hitting the mark. It’s applying our speed, strength and power with control and finesse.

Probably the best example is the wallball shot. Can you hit the 10 or 8 foot target dead on? Not too high wasting energy or too low as a NO REP?! Can you do it over and over? In a workout like Karen- 150 wallballs for time- some of the stress induced is the amount of focus it takes to accurately hit the target.

Accuracy is also on display in technical movements like the clean & jerk and snatch. Can you use your hips to effectively drive the barbell overhead and yourself under it in the correct spot to catch it cleanly? This definitely take practice and tons of focus to achieve.

Finally how about a box jump? Think you need some accuracy there? Fo shizzle!! Especially if you like your shin skin. Focusing on your target while applying the correct amount of drive and trajectory of your body is a skill. One that will degrade as you fatigue so, again, focus is a big key. One errant and sloppy jump and you’ll find yourself on the ground quickly.

So, while it may be the red-headed step child of fitness components, accuracy is nonetheless important. If not for any other reasons than not getting hit in the face by a 20# medball or saving the skin of your lower extremity.

Accuracy- all the cool kids have it. Apply yours in something today!


About the Author

Dr. Chris Biles, DC is the head trainer and owner of CrossFit Waxahachie. He is a Level 1 CrossFit Certified Trainer and is passionate about all things fitness. He has competed for many years in adventure racing, mountain and road bike racing, and marathons. His main sport now is the new Sport of Fitness- CrossFit.