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Our Elements Class will get you ready for action! It’s even included in your first month’s membership!

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I’m sure you have lots of questions. Many will be answered by our FAQ so please check it out. After that, much more info can be gained by the articles below.

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You won’t see many machines in our “box.” We use a mix of barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, jump ropes, and body weight movements to achieve world class fitness!

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“Abs are made in the kitchen.”
“You can’t outwork a bad diet.”
“Bacon is good.”

Three statements for you to think about as you check out some of our favorite meals. Paleo takes some work but the results are worth it! Real food FTW!!

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Yoga at CFW is taught by our very own Sarah Pruitt every Saturday at 8:30am (except for the 3rd Sat of the month during the Community WOD). This class is free for members and only $5 drop in for non-members.

On Wednesdays she has a class at the box at 9:30am and 7:15pm. Each of these are $5 drop in for everyone.

Why You Need Yoga

Success Stories

What’s your motivation? Lose weight? Feel better? Perform like a beast?

These people have done it.

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