Monday 9-17-12

Find 3RM Back Squat (20 min)

Find 3RM Press (20 min)

After an initial warm-up take 20 min to find a 3RM squat. The second rep should be difficult. The third rep should be very difficult. DO NOT FAIL. Warm up ~5 min for the press and then take 20 min to find the 3RM press. Ditto on how it should feel.

I want EVERYONE to find their 3RM Squat/ Press. If you don’t WOD on Monday not to worry, you’ll get a chance to do this on Tuesday. If you don’t come on Mon or Tue well…you’re a slacker. Get to the box already!


Don’t forget CFW Small Group and Open Gym starts this Wednesday!

Small Group- 6:15pm*

Open Gym- 7:15pm*

*Open to anyone (yes, even non-members). See you there!