Beat The Coach

This was me on 9/22/07- right before I started CrossFit.

I came into CrossFit in (what I thought was) relatively good shape. I rode mountain bikes. I did adventure races. I had run 3 marathons and a number of half marathons. I even hit the gym every once in a while. Nothing prepared me for what I was about to face…I didn’t even get an Elements Class 🙁

In 2007 a friend of mine, Barry Moore aka “The Godfather,” told me about this online workout program called CrossFit. He said, “Oh, it’s great! You should check it out!” I did. I didn’t get it and just kinda wrote it off. A few months later I was researching some fitness exercises and came across it again. After reviewing the WOD (Workout Of the Day) it didn’t look too bad and it was something I could do at my gym.

5 RFT:

50 Squats
100 Rope Jumps

13+ minutes later, I was hooked! How could a workout that looked so easy be so awful? And why didn’t my legs work? I had to try the next one. The next day was a rest day…thank goodness! I waited that night to see what would pop up and…the workout was Linda. Umm, OK. I can’t even do that. And since I didn’t want to or know how to properly scale the WOD, I didn’t do it. Then came Murph. Are you joking? The third WOD in that cycle turned out to be Mary– AMRAP 20 of 5 handstand push ups, 10 pistols and 15 squats. I couldn’t do HSPU or pistols, so for the 3rd time that week, I opted out.

I could have written off CrossFit at this point. I had no coach, no help, no one to show me the ropes. I had spent some time going over videos and free CF Journal articles and I was really intrigued by their definition of fitness. I was impressed by the times posted in the WODs that I couldn’t even do. Surely there was going to be another workout that I could complete.

Monday, October 15th was my day. The WOD?

Helen. Run 400m, 21 KBS (53#), 12 Pull Ups. 

My initial thought was, “This should be easy. I’m a runner. I can do this.” Then I did the WOD. I completed it with a 45# dumbbell for the swings and strict pull ups since I had no clue how to kip. My time? Don’t laugh. 20:30.

This was the first of a string of WODs that humbled and helped me over the next 6 months. I spent hours and hours learning movements and perfecting my form in the squat, deadlift, and clean & jerk. I signed up for my Level 1 certification in March of 2008 in order to learn more. I honestly had zero intention of coaching. I just wanted to improve myself in all aspects of my fitness and the cert helped me connect a lot a things. I had the pleasure of having Robb Wolf do the nutrition part of the lecture. I had tremendous trainers like- Pat Barber, Nicole Carroll, Jeremy Theil, and Dutch Lowy teaching the movements of CrossFit. It was an awesome time!

Where's Coach Chris?


Fast forward to 2012- CrossFit Waxahachie is in full swing! You guys are coming in a improving yourselves every day! I get the pleasure of teaching you functional movements that can not only help you in a WOD but in your daily life as well.

And me? The coach? Well, I’m getting better, too. My Helen this year is sub 9 minutes. Rx’d.

But don’t worry about that guy just yet. We’re going to have a bit of fun with the 2007 version of Coach Chris. I’ve pulled WOD times and weights from October through December of 2007 and have put together several workouts this month for you the try and “Beat The Coach.” Most days many of you will have no trouble besting me. But if you don’t beat me, no worries, this is a testament of perseverance. I could have given up when I saw that I was much slower and weaker than the other CrossFitters posting their scores. But I didn’t. In fact, it made me want to try even harder.

As I’m coming up on 5 years of doing CF training, I’m having more fun than ever! I love that my passion is something I can share with all of you guys! I love to see you beat the early version of you!

This challenge we’re doing this July should be a lot of FUN! Here are a couple of important things before we start:

1) It’s getting HOT! Drink water all day long before and after class. It’s important to get some electrolytes as well. Here are a couple of things I’m taking to get them in- AquaHydrate and Solstic Revive. The AH can be found at Anne’s Health Food Store (except I just bought 2 whole cases) and if you’re interested in the Solstic Revive I can get it to you at my cost (+shipping) since I’m a member of Nature’s Sunshine. I typically don’t try to sell stuff but Nature’s Sunshine products have been a big part of my supplement regime over the last 8+ years- food enzymes, APS II (natural pain relief), magnesium and much more. It’s top notch stuff!

2) You need a journal. If I hadn’t written or tracked the workouts from 2007, I would have no clue just how far I’ve come! It’s a lot of fun to look back and see the progress I’ve made. Something as simple as a notebook to an app like myWOD on your fancy phone can do the trick. Get it.

Now you’re ready to play- Beat The Coach! Good Luck!!