You Know Better

Something for nothing is a LIE. You know this.

But somewhere in the barrage of {double blind studies, anecdotes, media hype, your neighbor’s brother’s friend’s success} you get sucked into believing that _______ will help you {lose weight, get in shape, feel better, look better and attract the opposite sex}.

I get it. You want it to be true. So do I. I’d like to sit back with a bag of oreos and watch The Cosby Show reruns. I’d like to spend 4 minutes a day sitting on an inflated ball with my abs being electrocuted to bring out my six pack. I’d like to just take a pill and have it do all the work.

But I know better. And, my friend, so do you.

It takes work to get results. It takes sweat and persistence in spades.

I propose some trade offs:

Trade the eliptical for burpees. Put down any weight covered in plastic or neoprene in favor of a barbell. Don’t use any machines.

Sound daunting? It really shouldn’t. You’re a human, right? You can move around? If so, you can do more than what a smith machine, leg press, or calf raise station would have you believe.

Need more help? At CFW, we coach each class through functional movements- movements of a normal human in an environment of daily life.

Maybe you should check it out…then you’ll really know BETTER!