Bring Out The Stretcha!

Brittney (aka Britt aka B Harp aka Mighty Mouse aka Nutrition Jedi) gets some stretchy time help from Sarah (aka Yoga Sarah aka "the Stretcha"). Too many nicknames?

(***PLEASE NOTE*** No Harpers were seriously injured in the making of this blog post. We found them this way.)

If you guys know anything about me, you know I LOVE to stretch…

OK maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. But you know who does like to stretch?

Sarah aka “the Stretcha”

She helped us out last week with the Top 10 Reasons To Come To Yoga. If you missed it, check it out! The benefits of a regular stretching practice like yoga, mobility work (on a foam roller, barbell or bocce ball) or thai massage are many and varied. And, buddy boy {or girl}, you NEED it!

You work hard to get strong, fast and agile but do you pay attention to your flexibility? Likely not. And if you don’t, your tightness is possibly hindering some of the gains you’re trying to obtain. You’re not going to get everything out of your WOD if you’re inflexible, in fact, you might even get injured because of it. Not cool!

Coach helps Josh add some hot sauce to his mobility work.


What can you do?

Well, we’ve got Yoga tomorrow at the box at 8:30am. Come to that.

But don’t I need stretchy pants, a mat, a striped v-neck and smell like patchouli?

Nope. Wear comfy, non restricting clothing and use one of our extra mats if you don’t have one.

What else can I do?

Find the Mobility WOD that suits your area of junked-up-ness and do it. Every day. For serious. Every. Day.

Take it from me, I’ve been working on a restriction in my left hip for about 3 weeks now. It’s basically gone from feeling like there were 5 knives stabbing me right in the groin to just 2 now. And my ROM (range of motion) is improving. Why would I care about that? Because overhead squats are tough enough without a hip that feels like it’s being ripped apart and the CF Games Open are sure to have them in the mix.

So as K Star says- Pony Up. Take care of this stuff before it takes you down.