Top 10 Reasons To Come To Yoga Saturday

Tutus aren't required but they are fun!

Did you know that we have yoga every Saturday morning (except for the 3rd Sat of the month) at CFW? Sarah Pruitt leads our 8:30am yoga class and it is phenomenal! In my opinion, all of you CFWers need to stretch more. What better way than yoga? So get out your stretchy pants and join us! No experience necessary. We even have extra mats if you don’t have one. Now you have no more excuses!

The class is FREE for CFW members and only $5 for non-members. Deal!

Here are a few good reasons Sarah recently gave me to get on the mat:

1) Yoga increases the range of motion in your joints which allows your joints to be more open to perform the Olympic weight lifting moves with greater depth and ease.

2) Yoga provides the same muscle recovery and stress relief benefits as a massage with the added benefits of really good exercise.

3) Yoga is concentrated full body mobility work.

4) Yoga has been proven to help prevent injuries.

5) Yoga keeps your body in peek condition to continue to be active in sports (and of course, CrossFit being a sport) as you age.

6) A regular yoga practice prevents the need for replacement parts in your joints.  I’m anti-replacement parts.

7) If you want to develop better breath regulation, especially to improve running, the yoga breath work is unsurpassed.

8) Two words: stress relief. (apparently the “8” and the “)” make a smiley with shades. I’m cool with that)

9) Perfect active recovery, true active recovery.

10) Yoga goes beyond just stretching to true mobility work, concentrating on joint and spinal health.

Be a Warrior!