Yea, This Week Rocked!

Hey CFWers!

What a great week at the box! Exciting, unpredictable and challenging to say the least. There’s never a dull moment around here!

We started Monday on our group row challenge of 201.2 miles (or 323,731 meters). We’re currently at 103,340 meters! We’re ahead of schedule and looking good! Keep it up!

Kara and Phil kicked off the row for us at the 6am class:

The couple that rows together...

We then had two days of grip intensive WODs:

Can you guess who this is?

Gotta love some T2B action!

Next it was outside for a fast and furious squat/run combo!

70 degrees in January? Yup, we'll be outside!

And for those lucky enough to make the Friday 8:30am class, it was a beat-down of epic proportions!

Death by Push Jerk- Holly isn't scared of jerks!

Then we tried to hurt the sandbags and KBs.

Way to start off the new year guys and gals! Keep it up!