The Kipping Pull Up

Jordan gets his kip on!

Want to get better at pull ups? The kip will get you there.

Kipping is a gymnastic style movement in which a swing along with a hip and leg drive is employed as you pull with the arms to rocket you toward and over the bar. Much like many other movements in CrossFit, it’s more of a skill that takes time to master than something you just jump up and do. But once you learn…

It’s off to the races!

The kipping pull up allows you to perform more work, faster. Compared to the traditional “strict” pull up, the lower body drive of the kip turns this movement into a full body exercise and speeds it up tremendously. This speed combined with the increased efficiency of movement also allows the athlete to perform higher numbers of pull ups before dropping from the bar.

More work + Less time = Greater horsepower!

The kipping pull up is not the best for every situation- like weighted pull ups or if your goal is to build pure pulling strength. But for the work we do at CFW, it works great! In fact, we have several ladies who have been able to get their first pull up and increase their pull up numbers with the kipping technique! That’s cool!

Here are some great examples of kipping at CFW with and without a band (assistance):