Monday 3-28-16


For Time


Bar Facing Burpees

Rx’d: 95/65#
Scaled: 65/45#
Masters (55+): 65/45#
Masters Scaled (55+): 45/35#
Teen Scaled: 45/35#

For more detailed info on the WOD click HERE.

The Open Workout MUST BE done by the 6:15pm class today. The available class times for the WOD will be:

*we will be unable to accommodate 16.5 attempts at 7:15am due to CF Kids class.

Scores MUST BE entered on the Games site by 7pm.



“Kenneth” aka Prowler Mile

Teams will take the prowler sled loaded with one 45# plate one mile.

Today was my Dad’s birthday. I loved sharing a “birthday month” with him. It always felt special. After he passed away in 2011, the members of CFW raised some money and told me to get something for the box in honor of him. We had the prowlers custom made. I’ve done this WOD several times over the years- solo, with a buddy or with a group. It’s always healing for me. I hope you “enjoy” it.


“Jacked Street”

100 Barbell Push Ups
100 DB Hammer Curls

Not for time and break up into as many sets as needed. You pick the weight for DB curls.


Box Briefs

The Open ends today. Sven 7 is April 30th. Here’s the scoop: