Kyle is FIT

Kyle Armstrong is a newer athlete to CFW and he is already making great strides and hitting PRs on the FIT track. Kyle is a true hero, fighting fires and saving lives in Dallas as his career. I always enjoy our firefighters and law enforcement officers and it is an honor to have them trust us with their fitness.

IMG_0450Here’s what Kyle had to say about CFW and the Fit Program:

I chose the Fit Program based on the original recommendation of Chris. The programming fit what I like as well. I enjoy running, pulling and pushing things; sleds and the like. I guess it takes me back to my football days.

I would like to achieve a level of fitness that will help me meet and exceed the levels needed to perform my job safely and proficiently. In 6 weeks i would like to see noticeable weight loss but more importantly an increase work capacity.

Given my goals of becoming more fit and gaining strength, Chris suggested the fit path.

My favorite part of the fit path is two fold. 1) the programming feels catered to me specifically to address my specific weaknesses. And 2) it gives me a killer workout without destroying my muscles for the next few days; which could be problematic as a firefighter.

I have a hard time trusting people with my training. I have 2 masters degrees in Kinesiology and clinical physiology, so I always feel like I know more than the person telling me what to do. BUT, within CrossFit Waxahachie there’s an atmosphere that has been created, not of “I tell you what to do” but one of “lets take this journey together and I’ll help and encourage you in any way I can.”

Furthermore, the box feels like a family environment unlike any gym I’ve ever been too.