Thursday 5-7-15

101 FUEL icon

Fuel 101- Nutrition for health and weight loss. Next Wednesday at 6pm.


We’ll stagger groups through the Clean Ladder and Lactate Test today.

A) Clean Ladder

Minute 1- 7 Power Cleans
Minute 2- 6 Power Cleans
Minute 3- 5 Power Cleans
Minute 4- 4 Power Cleans
Minute 5- 3 Power Cleans
Minute 6- 2 Power Cleans
Minute 7- 1 Power Clean

B) Lactate Test

Row or AirDyne

1 Minute- All Out
2 Minutes- Off
1 Minute- All Out
2 Minutes- Off
1 Minute- All Out


Box Brief

There is a TON of stuff going on this month. Be sure to grab your calendar to schedule and hit up all the fun!

This Friday the 8th at 5:15pm we’ll begin a 6 week Friday Night Endurance series that will culminate in the first ever CFW Biathlon (run/slingshot).


We have 3 upcoming Nutrition Talks

Wednesday the 13th– Fuel 101: General nutrition for health and weight loss.

Wednesday the 20th– Jet Fuel :Nutrition for performance.

Wednesday the 27th– Tank Fuel: Nutrition for “getting jacked.”

*All three of these talks will be at 6pm in the evening and last approx 30-45 min.

**Free to members and the public.


The weekend of the 15th-17th is The CrossFit Games Regionals in Dallas. We (Chris & Laura) will be going Saturday and Sunday. Some folks will probably be going all three days. We’ll make plans to meat/eat/hang/etc as it gets closer.


Memorial Day is Monday the 25th and we’ll be doing our traditional Memorial Day Murph. Just like last year, the box will be open from 6-9am. You can do “Murph” rx’d, scaled or with a team. Come at the top of the hour to get ready for team Murph- 6, 7, & 8am.