Sven 6 Details


Are you ready for Saturday??!! Here are the Sven 6 details you’ve been waiting for-

Heads Up Team Captains

You will receive an email today or early tomorrow with a link to pay for your team’s entry fee. If you can take care of it ahead of time, that will allow for a smoother process checking in on Saturday. If you’d like to pay by check or cash, you may do so on Saturday.

WOD Info

One of the WODs has already been posted. It’s been labeled “WOD 1” but I reserve the right to change the order. The other WOD- “Highway to the Danger Zone” will challenge the athletes in a little bit longer time domain, ask you to work together smartly, and call for accuracy. It’s quite different than any other Sven WOD to date and I’m super excited about it!

Food Units

Post Sven is always a good time to hang out and enjoy the community. CFW will be providing meats. Bring a side (veggie tray, fruit, your fav thing that travels well, etc) to share and your favorite beverage. We’ll have the fridge accessible for you in the morning.


7:45-8:15am   Team Check Ins

8:30  WOD 1 Briefing

8:45 WOD 1 Heat 1

9:15 WOD 1 Heat 2

9:45 WOD 2 Briefing

10:00 WOD 2 Heat 1

10:20 WOD 2 Heat 2

11:00 WOD 3 Briefing

Be sure and use the official hashtag for all your event pics and even your last minute prep training- #sven6

I’ll post the heat list on Friday so be on the lookout.