Start Where You Are


By Sarah Pruitt

My mom ran a mother’s day out program when I was younger. Frequently, I would hear people tell her about how “they really wanted to have a little more money saved before they got pregnant” but then, before whatever magic number was reached, they had a baby, and somehow, it all worked out. I lost count of how many times I would hear my very wise mother say, “If you waited until you had enough money, you’d never have kids.”

Isn’t that true of every aspect of life? If you wait until you’re ready (whatever ready means anyway) or you have enough (another ambiguous word) you’ll never start.

I don’t know your story or where you’ve been, and none of us know where we are going, but here’s what I do know: NOW. Now is the place of beginning. Now is grabbing the bull by the horns. Now is pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Now is every single cliched motivational phrase. Why? Because there is magic in now. There is power in go. There is forward movement in, let’s do this. You can’t get anywhere closer to where you want to be without now. So, you want to lose a few pounds before you get in the gym? Forget that, come to the gym to lose a few pounds. Whatever you’re doing currently isn’t losing the weight. You think you need a little better cardio, or to be more flexible, or a little stronger before you’re ready to start? Whatever, start now, learn as you go, and get closer to your goals than you ever would while waiting to be ready. Just like those new parents who didn’t think they had enough money to have a baby, it will workout and you’ll realize you were more ready than you thought and you had enough to start, which turns out, is all you ever needed.


Sarah Pruitt is a Baptiste trained yoga instructor. You can find her teaching others how to connect with their breath and move with greater ease and fluidity every Wednesday morning at 9:30 and evening at 7:15 at CFW. As well as every Saturday at 8:30am (except the 3rd Sat of the month).