Debra ROCKS!


Debra is a part of the awesome Chick-Fil-A Waxahachie crew that works out at CF Waxahachie. She recently completed our Fit In 5 Challenge and here’s what she had to say about it.

Overall I feel stronger! I like doing this challenge because it’s helped me get back on track with some of my nutritional goals. I love sweets ( ice cream, pie, cookies) and bread (biscuits, bagels, tortillas, cinnamon rolls) so it’s hard to have those things around in my house, and at work, and not go crazy. I have to remind myself where I have come from and I also tell myself I already know what those things taste like, I ate them all the time. They aren’t going to disappear, so I’m not really missing anything.

Thank you for being such an amazing coach. I love the people at CrossFit. It’s my therapy! I am very proud of how much I can push myself. Self motivation has been so hard for me in the past and after some self awareness- I choose that I am worth it and I am enough!

Debra ROCKS!


Yes, the “Debra ROCKS” is part of her quote. She writes that statement on every whiteboard as she tracks reps in her WOD. She’s choosing words to build herself up and empower her in her fitness journey. Many of us could learn a lot from Debra! And yes, Debra, you do ROCK!

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