Monday 11-5-12

If there was ever a weekend when I needed and extra hour, this was it! WHEW!! We moved a TON of stuff, cleaned and organized at the new place. It’s all ready for you guys! Some things are still a work in progress (like the bathrooms) but overall it’s ready for WODs. See you tomorrow!!

New Location >> 200 E Jefferson St. (aka The Pump) <<

“The Horrible Hundred”

For time:

25 Deadlifts (215/120#)
25 Clean & Jerks (125/70#)
25 Thrusters (75/50#)
25 Overhead Squats (45/30)

Men will load the 45# bar in the following order: 15# then 25# then 45#. Women will load the 30# bar in the following order: 10# then 10# then 25#. (The scaled women’s version is a 15# bar with loaded with the same plates as above). Strip a set of plates after each movement is done.