All Heart

CFW’s second team at the Europa CF Challenge was called “Second Choice.” All of the athletes on this team are straight up studs! If the WODs had stacked up differently, like more gymnastics, this team would have been on top for sure. The way things turned out, the WODs were a bit heavy and this team had the weight on their shoulders, literally.

WOD 1 was 50 back squats for each team member at 185# for guys and 135# for girls. The guys didn’t seem to have any trouble with the weight (except for when Josh lost one side of the bumpers and still held onto the bar). The girls were a different story. For Kara and B, this weight was a challenge. As a team they were pretty sure they wouldn’t make the 15 min time cut off for this workout. The girls went first and got a bunch of their squats done. Then the boys knocked out their 50. Next the girls had to finish. They gutted it out. Each rep towards the end was a huge effort. The boys picked the weight off of Kara two different times as she got stuck under the bar. But after shaking things out, she got back under. The final rep for her was a single. She went down and with legs shaking, stood it up to finish. Time- 12:49.

This heavy WOD out of the way they then went on to crush the next two WODs! They were kinda worried about WOD 3 but as you can see, they had absolutely no trouble with it!

This team was ALL HEART!! It was a blast cheering them on! As their coach it made me proud to watch them in action!

Kudos, Team Second Choice! You’re number one in my book!