You Wanted Me

“You couldn’t wait to get my top off and devour me. Then when you were halfway done with me, you discarded me like trash. I’ve still got more to give. Why did you leave me here by myself?”

This message was brought to you today by the many, many, many water bottles who have been opened and left at the box. I know, you guys get thirsty, grab a drink and then set it down. Next thing you know, you’re not sure if that bottle is yours or “Walter/Ben’s” bottle. And since you don’t want to contract salmonella from one of your gym-mates, you just play it safe and leave it there. That’s no bueno…

We have an “open fridge” policy here at CFW. You’re more than welcome to take a water as long as you’re occasionally bringing a case to replenish our stock. I think it’s pretty fair. The problem is waste. I’m sure if you had to pay a buck for the bottle you’d be sure and keep up with it, right?

Which leads me to this:

I know, I’m a genius. I put a secret code letter on the top of my bottle to let me know which one is mine. I don’t want any of your cooties. This lettering system saves waste and keeps me hydrated. You should try it.