Thursday 1-12-12

For Time:

30 Muscle Ups

If you cannot perform a muscle up, substitute 120 pull ups along with 120 dips or 60 ring dips.

I love this WOD! You might say, “Well of course you do, you can do muscle ups.” Yes that’s true, I can but that’s not why I love it. In the beginning of my CrossFit journey, I certainly couldn’t do muscle ups and the 120 pull ups and dips smashed me! It was not fun. But it had a purpose- to get me the strength I needed to do muscle ups. It’s because of this WOD that I was finally able to do muscle ups.

It wasn’t an easy process. After gaining the strength to be able to do a mu, I still wasn’t home free. I then had to learn the technique involved with going from below to above the rings.

You guys and gals at CFW are in various stages of development:

Some of you need to gain the strength to do pull ups and dips without bands. This workout will help.

Some of you guys need the strength to do muscle ups. This workout will help.

Some of you are strong enough to perform muscle ups but don’t have the technique down. This workout will NOT help. (You need to practice, practice, practice the transition)

We’ll go over muscle up technique before the WOD. May the Lord have mercy on your soul…

Face off?