Tuesday 12-21-10

5 Rounds:

Max rep push ups*
Max rep pull ups**

Rest as needed between efforts.

*Push ups are chest to deck and to full arm lock out at top.

**Pull ups are chin over bar (not chin to bar) and to full arm extension at hang.

Anything else doesn’t count.



5 Comments On “Tuesday 12-21-10”

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  2. Come on Carl manup!!!

  3. Dear CFW,
    It’s bedtime. About 11 hours ago we played. The time apart has given me the space I needed to unwind from our exciting workout. As I try to lay down and go to sleep… I realize I can’t straighten my arms out!! I’m thinking I will have more to say about this tmrw. Thank you for kicking my a** today.

  4. My armpits hurt. (in a good way)

  5. Sorry I missed this one. Sounds painful. BTW that photo of me was after the 500m row sprint for time. I was wiped out!

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