Thursday 8-26-15


Today is our first day of Fit/Strong/Comp programming! Below is a guide to help you decide what to do. I look forward to seeing you guys progress! Thanks for choosing CFW as your home for fitness!

FIT- You’ve been coming to CFW for 0-52 weeks and your main goal is to “get in shape.” You don’t necessarily love all the technical work (snatches and cleans) or the strength days. You put up with them in order to get to the metcon. This group won’t get out of any of the above movements but there will be a different focus when it comes to the metcon. They won’t necessarily focus on heavy, high rep, technical movements. This will be the largest group.

STRONG- You’ve been doing CF for 4-52 weeks and realize that strength and size are your limiting factor. You kinda like the heavy days but are frustrated that you may not be gaining the strength you’d like. You realize that a stronger front squat and press translates to a faster Fran. You’d like the 95# to feel light as a feather and you need to spend time going shorter, heavier and faster. This will be a moderate size group and may blend with the “Fit” group.

COMP- The CrossFit Games Open is your goal. You want to smash it. You want to compete outside of the box at other CF comps. In other words, CrossFit is your sport and you realize the need for a broader and deeper training plan. You know you need more than the daily allotment of work and have the time/ability to do more. This will be the smallest group.

These three groups will have a similar focus on MOST days. The WODs may all be exactly the same on some days. The workload won’t be so different that the box is split into 3 tribes. For the most part, the main difference will be rep schemes, loading and progressions.


Notes on how to read today’s (and future work). If we have a strength or technical lift with no designation of Fit/Strong/Comp, everyone will be doing that work. Today for instance, everyone will Front Squat and then the metcon will look different for each group. The Comp group also has more work than is posted here. I will have a sheet up for you to know what to do post metcon.


Front Squat 5×5, climbing


50 Double Unders (sub 45s DU practice)
20 Box Jumps (24/18″)
10 Push Ups

50 Double Unders
10 Box Jumps (30/24″)
10 Strict Pull Ups

50 Double Unders
20 Box Jumps (24/20″)
15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups


FullSizeRender-1During Monday afternoon’s electrical storm, our friends and long time CFW members, Elsa and Silverio Espinoza’s house was struck by lightening. This has been a very trying summer for the Espinozas with the sudden loss of Elsa’s mother less than two months ago. On the same day their daughter Ariana started her freshman year of high school, her bedroom was struck by lightening and destroyed by the ensuing fire. All of her new school clothes, her bedding, everything in the room is ruined. Currently, the family is looking for a rental house in the Midlothian Longbranch area so that the girls can continue to ride the bus to school and life can be as normal as possible. Reconstruction and rebuilding has already begun on their house but it will be 4-6 months before that process is complete. Their most immediate and largest need is money. They will of course have to pay their insurance deductible but are also required to pay deposits on the rental house and the furniture that will go in the rental home. That is a lot of money out of pocket at once during an already very trying time. One of my favorite things about CFW is the community that rallies around one another to support and help in anyway possible. The best was for us to help currently is ease the financial burden. During Thursday and Friday’s classes we will be collecting money and gift cards for the Espinozas. No amount is too small as it all helps. Ariana’s favorite clothing store is the Gap and Elsa and Silver shop at JC Penny and Kohl’s, these are just suggestion, any gift card or cash will be greatly appreciated. If you can’t be at the box the rest of the week or would prefer to use a credit card, but would still like to donate, a GoFundMe account has been set up by a neighbor and teacher at Marina’s school. Many of you already answered that call and have donated which swells my heart with pride. Here is the link to the GoFundMe Account. Let’s help out one of our own.