Sven 8

Sven 8- The Sven-est Sven Yet!

This SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd 8am – 12pm

Our goal is to stay on track and have a great competition day! All the info you’ll need is listed below. Pay attention to the heat list and timeline and you’ll be good to go! Can’t wait for Sven 8!

This year we will have 3 WODs to find the top team in each division and an overall points winner. Congrats to Triple Threat (males) for already locking down their division 🙂

As always we will have lunch afterwards. CFW will provide the meat and members can bring a side to share along with their favorite beverages.

Below is the Heat List for all the WODs. You will be in the same heat for each WOD. Lanes will be assigned morning of the event. Make sure your team is at CFW by 8:00-8:15am to get checked in and sign waivers. We will have a WOD 1 briefing and warm up time after that. Athletes are welcome to be at CFW by 7:30am to begin warming up.

Heat 1- Team Beasts, WODaholics, Chalk Dirty to Me, Super Troopers

Heat 2- Beauties and the Beard, CrossFam, Chick-A-Dees, CFW Cleaning Ladies

Heat 3- Wodies, The Kettlebelles, Bunz & Gunz, Triple Threat

Box Jumps- Athletes must step or jump onto the box. The movement is counted with the athlete standing tall with hips and knees open on top of the box.

Row- Athlete rows. Max calories count.

Plate Burpees- Athlete begins in a standing position and performs a burpee (chest and thighs on ground) then jumps onto a plate and stands tall with hips and knees open.

SB Lunges- Athlete begins standing tall with sandbag on shoulders. The reps will be counted once the athlete touches their knee to the ground and stands tall. Athletes will need to alternate legs each repitition.

Heavy Rope Jumps- Athletes will jump rope with the 1.5″ heavy rope. Reps will be counted for each successful jump.

Kettlebell Swings- These are overhead swings that begin below the hip and finish with athlete’s arms beside their ears.

Hang Cleans- After standing tall with the bar from the ground the athlete must lower the bar below the hip and after the clean they must pass through a full squat. The finish is bar at the shoulders with the hips and knees fully extended with the elbows in front of the bar. A hang power clean into a front squat will be acceptable.

Front Squat- After the HPC, the athlete must pass through another Front Squat and stand fully with hips and knees extended and the elbows in front of the bar.

The score for this WOD will be total team weight plus the number of Kettlebell Swings. Each team will have a set up for girls and guys. One athlete may lift at a time. Athletes may make as many attempts as they like.

For scoring purposes we will have a multiplier for ladies weights to even things out against the guys. Athletes may choose not to perform Kettlebell Swings. There is no work requirement for the KBS.