What is CrossFit?

The CrossFit Journal article, What Is Fitness, covers this in depth.

If you’re pressed for time or just like short answers, I’d say CrossFit is all about increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Basically improving fitness in all areas- strength, endurance, agility, stamina- for any time duration- short to long.


What is a WOD?

Workout Of the Day.


What type of training do you guys do? Is it a lot like P90X?

CrossFit training includes three basic elements- gymnastics, weightlifting and monostructural exercises.

Gymnastics would be any time you’re moving your body through space. Your body is the load lifted. These would be basics from- push ups, pull ups, squats, sit ups, and burpees. We can even get more challenging by going for rope climbs, burpee pull ups or muscle ups on rings or bars.

Weightlifting would include movements with an external load. Typically involving a barbell or dumbbell. These movements would include- squat variations (back, front or overhead), press variations, deadlift, clean & jerk and snatch.

Monostructural events include running, rowing, biking (not done at CFW), or swimming (we don’t have a pool). These movements can be applied in various distances and mixed with the two other elements above.

The variation of these three domains of exercise in what makes our workout unique. At any time we’ll work on one, two or all three of these elements. We’re always striving to improve in all areas of fitness- short burst, heavy load, or moderate to long distance. By changing the stimulus (not quite muscle confusion) we keep the body progressing in areas of strength, power, stamina and endurance.

No, it’s not like P90X.


The WOD (Workout Of the Day) only lasted 4 minutes. Is that all we’ll do?

All of our workouts are different. For a WOD that is short, we generally warm up really well and then hit it! Something like this would be a really intense day of training. A workout like Fran can leave you lying in a heap in only 2-10 minutes. 500m row efforts can hit hard and they only last 90 sec or so.

Along with a good warm up, post WOD mobility, stretching and cool down is important. At CFW, we have several items of prehab (fix it before it breaks) for you to use after your workout.


I only workout at CFW 2-4 days a week. Should I do anything else? If so, what?

We believe that in order for you to get the most benefit to our training at CFW, you should definitely do supplemental workouts on your own. Monostructural elements like running or biking are what we generally recommend. You can pattern your workout based on your schedule and how you’re feeling after the CFW WODs. The easiest way to do this is stick to a diet of short intervals one day during the week (Tue or Wed) and longer runs on the weekend when you may have more time. For an example of interval training and longer weekend mileage, check out CrossFit Endurance. They post interval training for Tue/Thur and longer efforts for the weekend. Look for the “Endurance WOD” and pick one from the Single Sport (SS). I’d suggest cutting back on the intervals a bit at first- if they say do 6 400m efforts, cut it in half. Same goes for the weekend mileage- cut it in half or so based on your history and ability.


Is CrossFit right for me?

Check this out- Is CrossFit Right For You?


But I have injury. I’m slow. I’ve had a lot of birthdays. I’m not very strong. Is CF really right for me?

Well, since you probably didn’t click on the link above, I’ll wait… The beauty of CF training is that we can modify based on individual needs. We can train around injury. We can get you faster. Old doesn’t get you off the hook- check out these guys. Strong is relative, we can make you stronger- by a lot.


I’ve never touched a barbell before. I saw the CF Games on ESPN3 and women were throwing crazy amounts of weight overhead. Are you going to make me do that?

Olympic weightlifting movements like the clean & jerk along with the snatch are important in developing strength, speed and raw power. These technical movements will be covered in detail in your On Ramp Course before you do it in a group class. We cover all the barbell movements in Elements so you’ll be comfortable heading into your workout. Your coach will always be there to help you with form and mechanics in every class.


What days are you guys open?

Our current group training schedule is located HERE.


How many days a week can I train?

You’ll have the option of training with us 2-5 days a week. Our main training days are Mon/Tue/Thur. We have morning classes on Friday (6 or 8:30am) and Open Gym on Wednesday (6-8am & 5-7pm) is a great time to get in extra work or hone in skills.

Don’t forget Saturday Yoga or the 3rd Saturday Community WOD both at 8:30am.


Why do I need to take the On Ramp Course?

Unless you’ve been a member of another CrossFit facility or have proficiency with ALL barbell movements- Squat, Press, Deadlift, Clean & Jerk, and the Snatch, you WILL need to attend our On Ramp. In these classes you will learn the foundational movements you need to be ready for a group class.