Something Is > Than Nothing

You’re not stuck, you just won’t move. You’re not trapped, you just haven’t tried.


Yea, those are in the mix. But so are things like-


SOMETHING is GREATER than NOTHING. Do your little TODAY and watch it GROW TOMORROW!

Yin Yoga

Hey guys! We’re trying something new at our Saturday Yoga. Sarah is going to be teaching a bit different to cater to special needs. I’ll let her tell you all about it:

I am very excited to be launching something new at CFW this Saturday.  Yes, we will still meet for yoga at 8:30, but instead of our usual dynamic yoga flow we will engage in a more passive form of yoga called yin yoga.  In yin yoga we will hold a specific set of poses for an amount of time and each set of poses is designed to bring therapeutic benefits to organs, muscles, joints, and tendons—as well as the mental benefits that come from all types of yoga.

I know the last thing most CrossFitters want to do on their day off is a sun salutation A (or, as my friends Ben & Shandra Sessions like to call them, “hidden burpees”) or hold chair pose for anytime at all, though, the benefit to you guys for those things is HUGE and I could not recommend it more, I am giving my public what it wants and rolling out yin yoga.  This summer I worked closely with the CFW competition teams making sure they maintained peak mobility and performance while training for the Texas Throwdown with yin yoga and bringing the concentrated mobility work back right before the CrossFit open could not be better timing.  Most of the work will be done seated or lying down with props to facilitate the lengthier holds that allow your muscles, joints, and fascia to relax open.  Yin yoga is true rehabilitation therapy and exactly what your body needs after a week of working hard in the box.

Do you want to speed your recovery and shorten your soreness time?

Do you want to perform better no matter what the WOD holds?

Do you want to keep your joints, muscles and organs healthy and working at optimal performance well in to your 90s?

Do you want stress relief and breathing improvement that benefits you in every aspect of life?

The answer to all of these questions is yoga.

Yin yoga, recover, rehabilitate, renew. 

THIS Saturday, February, 23, 8:30am CFW.  Your body will thank you.

The Open

It’s that time of year, boys and girls! Time to pony up and decide to toe the line. It’s time for the CrossFit Games Open!

Have you signed up? Will you sign up?

“Why should I?” you ask.

There are plenty of reasons- to test your fitness, to take yourself to another level, to challenge yourself more than the normal workout, to help Team CFW. These are just a few.

“But I’m not trying to be the best at exercising. And there’s no way I’ll win the CF Games, much less Regionals!” you exclaim.

While that may be true, I have a couple of questions for you-

Why did you sign up for and run that 5K? Did you think you could win that?

Likely, you signed up to test yourself. Hopefully you did it because you enjoy running and the 5K was the expression of competing in your sport. If you won, well, that’s just cool!

The CrossFit Games are no different. Many of you are passionate about CrossFit. You’re watching videos, sharing inspiration with one another, and figuring out how to improve your <insert difficult CF movement here>.

The Games Open is our 5K. It’s the first level of competition in our sport. Sure, there are a myriad of “local” competitions almost every weekend. But this is the big one! You get to compare yourself with CrossFitters literally around the world! How cool is that??!!

“But I can’t do pull ups/muscle ups/double unders/etc.” you say.

I’m not going to lie to you. You will need some proficiency at these types of movements. Your strength, skill and ability level should factor into your decision to sign up. If you are thinking about it but aren’t sure, just ask one of your coaches about what they think.

My thoughts-

1) If you’re on the bubble, sign up.

“But, but, but…”

But nothing. These workouts are geared with the average CrossFitter in mind. We haven’t seen workouts with movements like pull ups or muscle ups that would disqualify you from the next week’s WOD. Generally they put something ahead of them that is do-able. And who knows, maybe the next week is in your wheelhouse!

2) It’s going to be FUN!

Last year during the Open, CFW was buzzing! The workouts were exciting! The place was full of energy and we had a blast! No doubt it’s going to be like that x10 this year!

3) You can inspire others!

The biggest cheers last year during the Open workouts weren’t for the ones “killing it.” The biggest cheers came when people busted through and did more than they thought they could. They came for the ones trying and trying and trying to overcome. It. Was. AWESOME! Seriously some top ten moments in the box have come from these WODs.

4) I’m going to make you do the WODs anyway.

That’s right! I can’t make you sign up for the Open but every Thursday in March, we’ll be doing the Open WOD at CFW. Those that are signed up will have a judge and complete the workout as written. Those that aren’t will be able to scale.

So, strap on your wrist braces and get out your compression tights! The Open is coming!!! March 6th we’ll find out the first WOD!!!

2012 was a BLAST!! Join us for 2013!!



The Godfather

If you workout in the morning, you may know Barry. But did you know this- Barry is the Godfather of CrossFit Waxahachie. We joke about this but it’s kinda true. You see, Barry was the first person who told me about CrossFit. He was all excited about this website you went to to get your workout for the day. I looked at the site and really didn’t understand much of it. I just wrote it off and went on my way. Then about 3-4 months later I came upon it again in a search for exercise routines. I guess the workout for that day made sense, so I tried it out (I don’t even remember what it was). The next WOD was Helen and it crushed me. I kept scrolling through the times that people had posted for this WOD and couldn’t believe I was so slow-weak-challenged by this effort. That was it for me! I was hooked. That was September of 2007. I’ve been at it ever since.

CrossFit and CrossFit Waxahachie have brought many things into my life that I’m truly thankful for- a community of friends and better fitness are just a couple of the biggies.

Thanks, Barry!

The Godfather on his way to a CF Total PR.

The Next Big Thing

***The following is nonsense. Please do not take any of this advice (at least the advice before the disclaimer). Check with your doctor before beginning any weight loss or exercise program.***


Of course you do!! Lucky for you, you found us!!!


If you’re ready to get back into your skinny jeans and hit da clubs…then do what we say!!!

Here’s what you need-

500 apples (organic if your budget allows)

A juicer

The ability to eat 500 apples in a week.

That’s it!! That’s all we got. Just eat some dang apples. You’ll be skinny in no time.

Disclaimer- The author of this post does not believe you should eat 500 apples in a week. As a juice or whole. What you really need is a sensible diet in which you eat protein at every meal along with colorful fruits and veggies, lots of leafy greens and good fats- avocado, coconut, and olive oil.

If you’re wanting to lose weight, stick with the veggies and limit your fruit intake. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. Don’t watch tv/ play on your phone/ sit at the computer while you eat. Add in a smart work out plan and get adequate rest.

Obviously the above apple post is nonsense. Who would do that? Well…there are lots of people trying to lose weight and using unsafe measures like eating only one food for days to weeks at a time, taking pills, starving themselves, and using supplements with less than safe ingredients. Much of the time, this is unnecessary and results in quickly losing weight only to gain it back. Since the weight didn’t get put on overnight, it’s not going to be gone in a week. And if it does, I’m going to guess that whatever you did wasn’t the healthiest choice.

Moral? There’s a BIG difference in being HEALTHY and being SKINNY. We know the difference when we see it. Do super skinny models generally look healthy? No. In my opinion (hey it’s my blog) CrossFit women look fit, healthy and capable of hard work. Big arms, you say? Not every woman bulks up doing CF. Have you seen Kara? How many guys can she beat at pull ups, muscle ups and handstand push ups (but it’s not a competition). A healthy body is one that is strong and fueled well. It can do daily tasks demanded of it with relative ease. Do you have that kind of body?

The Next Big Thing?

Eat Good Food

Work Out With Purpose

Recover/ Rest

Do It Again

Those are the steps to reach your goal. Go get it, my friends!

Maybe eat 1 apple a day :-)


Thursday 1-31-13

Sorry for no Wednesday motivational post. I had nothing in the hopper and nothing to give. Today was two years since my father unexpectedly passed away. I think if I’d sat around and contemplated for a bit, I would have led myself into a depressed day. Instead of that, I got up and moved from morning to night. My day has been full of love, joy, work, and pain (in a good way). AM Open Gym was full of friends who wanted to work hard. Chores around the gym left me feeling good about the direction things are heading. Lunch with my beautiful wife was unplanned but a GREAT addition to my day. The prowler mile (a workout I named after my dad, Kenneth) shared with a buddy was tough but healing. Coaching new, strong athletes in the afternoon as well as doing a 2nd WOD, Amanda, left me whipped but buzzing with excitement. PM Open Gym was full of learning, growth and stretching through barriers. It was beautiful to watch. It was one of those nights when I just looked around and thanked God for my job. Now it’s family time- gotta leave for a sec to do evening devotional with the little one. BRB.

Why in the world did I just tell you guys all about my day?

I don’t really know. Maybe it’s just that, you know, life sucks sometimes. It really does. But you know what? The best thing you can do is live it anyway. For your friends. For your family. For you. Sometimes you’ve got to get up and do it. Even when you don’t want to. And sometimes you’ve got to fight…

Fight Gone Bad

In this workout you will move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. Complete 3 rounds total.

  1. Wall-ball: 20/14# pound ball, 10 ft target. (Reps)
  2. Sumo deadlift high-pull: 75/45# (Reps)
  3. Box Jump: 18″ box (Reps)
  4. Push-press: 75/45# (Reps)
  5. Row: calories (Calories)

The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of “rotate,” the athlete’s must move to next station immediately for good score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

Compare to 7-12-12.

It’s only 75#…


Whatever It Takes

This was around the start of her CrossFit journey.

Sarah is another one of the few who have made the transition from BFC back in 2009 to present day CFW. Over that time she’s been working- HARD! She’s come a long way since she started with us and is still giving whatever it takes to move forward, improve and change her life!

It hasn’t always been easy but Sarah has a knack for doing it anyway. Burpees, OK. Pull ups, sure. Hanging knee raises, yea. Don’t get me wrong, she likes these things about as much as anyone in her yoga class likes staying in chair pose for, “Five more breaths.” BUT- she does them. She knows that she can get through anything- one step, one movement at a time. Not only has she lost weight, her confidence has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years and it’s been awesome to watch!

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve almost come to blows over the WOD!

During a recent press workout, the weight just wasn’t going up. She was stuck in between two weights. The extra 5# jump was too heavy but taking them off was too light. What did she do? More collars on the bar. That my friends is being willing to do whatever it takes. That’s how I know Sarah will continue to move forward and meet all of her goals!

What do you do when you fail?

Surrounded by friends and a community that supports you, you can accomplish anything!

Ready to give CrossFit a try? Here are a few options coming up:

Elements- (our beginner class- more details HERE)
Thursday, January 31st at 5:15pm
Email me to save a spot.

Open Gym-
Tonight (and every Wednesday) from 5-7pm

What’s The Difference

An alternate title to this post could be- How To Get Started With CrossFit Training. But, all you long timers should stick around to read the end.

What’s the difference between you and the top CrossFitters in the world?

Is it just that they can lift more? Is it that they can take more pain/volume/intensity? Do they have a better handle on nutrition and recovery? Are they just genetic freaks?

What’s the difference?

The truth is this- they have the same basic “machine” that you do. The fact of the matter is that many of you have taken much different “care” of your machine. Compounding interest of bad decisions- physically, nutritionally and mentally- catch up to you at some point and you’re left watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN wondering, “Could I do that? Ever?” You immediately dismiss the notion after you see the rope climbs and switch over to an Everybody Loves Raymond re-run.

The sad thing about writing it off is that CrossFit really is for everyone. It’s not all about the Games. It’s about taking a stand, making a change and going in a different direction. Are you going to be able to squat snatch 225# and climb a rope on day one? Unless your name is Rich Froning (a two-time winner of the CF Games), the answer is- no.

If you do make it off the couch to begin your CrossFit training you’re going to start where everyone does- at the beginning. You’re going to learn how to move your body. You’re going to find out where you’re limited in range of motion and in work capacity. This is a little something we at CFW call ELEMENTS. It’s a class that covers basic movements- squat and press variations, clean & jerk, snatch, kettlebell swing and deadlift. If you’re going to start using your machine, it’s best to know how to move it correctly. That’s what ELEMENTS is all about.

After that, you’ll be ready for a CFW group class. No, you won’t be thrown to the lions. In fact, a coach will help you through all facets of the WOD (Workout Of the Day). Little by little you’re going to gain many beneficial things your machine has forgotten or never acquired- strength, flexibility, stamina, confidence. Some days are going to be awesome, some are going to suck real bad, but most will be somewhere in the middle. The next day you’re probably going to hurt but that pain will be drowned out by an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

Whatever shape you’re in as you begin your CF journey, you’re going to start to bridge the gap between you and the Games athlete right away. You’re going to learn how to lift loads efficiently. You’re going to find out where you can push in a workout and where you’re going to need to coast. You’re going to learn how your body responds to an all-out 500m row or 7 minutes of burpees. Nutrition will be a work in progress as you dial in your food based on performance rather than comfort and desire. Sleep will be critical and you’ll protect your snooze time to maximize recovery. You’ll realize that while your genetics play a role in some things, nothing beats just flat out effort to find the best version of you!

Fast forward a few years and you’re slimmer, stronger, and can actually breathe while doing burpees. You’re the healthiest you’ve been in a long time and you’re quite certain you’re the fittest 53 year-old accountant in _______ county. Awesome! Now what’s the difference between you and the CF Games athlete? Honestly, who cares. You’ve done it! You’ve changed your life. Like I said at the beginning, it’s not really about the CrossFit Games. Not to take anything away from those amazing athletes. They inspire, motivate and challenge us to reach the next level. But on a personal level, as a coach at CFW my goal is to impact as many lives as possible. There are waayyy more of you that need to get off the couch than go to the Games. Get Fit, Have Fun, & Enjoy the Ride!

Ready to give CrossFit a try? Here are a few options coming up:

Thursday, January 17th at 5:15pm
Thursday, January 31st at 5:15pm
Email me to save a spot.

Open Gym-
Tonight (and every Wednesday) from 5-7pm

FREE Community Workout-
Saturday, January 19th at 9am

(All photos courtesy of

Ditch the Crutches

What’s your crutch? You know, thing you have to have just right to start (or during) your WOD. I’ll list a few below and you can see if any of these are yours.

That’s right, 5:15, called you out (along with a lot of others). If the music isn’t right, I hear about it. “That’s too slow!” “Turn it up!” “I don’t like rap!” <insert frownie face here>

You know what? We lost power Monday morning at the box and several people lifted without music. GASP! Hard to believe, I know. It really happened and everyone was still able to throw barbells overhead.

Are you someone who needs to have the beats just right to perform? Do you need it to pump you up and whip you into a frenzy before you tackle Helen or a 1RM deadlift? If so, maybe you need to dial it back (or maybe not complain when it’s not just right for you). Who knows, it might be good to hear your breath every once in a while.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you not to hydrate. What I’m saying is don’t use that water bottle as a crutch. You can drink plenty before and after your WOD. We’re not running marathons here. Odds are if you’re taking a sip during your 6 minute modified Fran, it’s a crutch.

I get it. My mouth goes dry just about anytime someone says 3-2-1-GO. Shortly after that, my lungs and throat are both on fire. I’d like nothing more than to take a drink. Especially since it will also double as a rest break. I have to fight the urge almost every time.

So. Bottomline? If the workout is 25 minutes or less, you don’t need to stop for water. K?

Umm…Deadlifts and coffee are different, right Josh?

Chalk usage is legit. It helps you keep your sweaty paws on the bar. But did you really need more during the middle of that metcon or were you just looking for something other than pull ups to do for a few seconds?

Again, I get it. It’s a fine line. The pull ups are getting tough. I can’t breathe. Maybe more chalk will help me do better.

You’re going to have to decide- is it breath or more chalk that you need. Don’t go to the chalk bucket for air.

Do you connect with any of these crutches? Are you guilty of using any of them?

Have a different crutch? Come clean in the comments. TESTIFY!



If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

-Excerpt from the poem, If, by Rudyard Kipling