Higher Order Thinking to Total Randomness

Just Keep Driving

Driving from Waxahachie to Lubbock takes a little while. Five hours usually. Riding a bicycle there takes a little longer, but that’s another story. When my family travels there, I don’t look at the odometer every mile and check it off. I hit the gas pedal and go. I talk with my wife (or she

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Pick Your Battle

There’s one thing I know about CrossFit- it’s hard. Oddly enough, that’s exactly why I’ve been at it for the last 6 years. If it were easy, if I didn’t have a ton of things to work on and get better at, I might have stopped long ago. It seems like every time I turn

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Supplements For Strength

You want to get bigger and stronger, huh? Well, you gotta work, eat and rest. That’s pretty much it. We’re going to support you guys who are wanting to do this by putting you (and everyone at CFW) on a linear loaded strength cycle. If you’re wanting to gain some size, we’ve got to tweak

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Athletes (that’s all of you) come to CFW for a variety of reasons- weight loss, improving general health, better athletic performance, etc. All great goals for sure. But what many of them find out early on is one thing- they’re not very strong. At least in terms of trying to RX the typical CrossFit workouts,

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The CFG Open 2013- Tractor’s Story

For the last three years Coach has been really excited starting in February about, “The Open”.  Each year I look at my gut, my inability to do a pullup, my “panic and ” at the mention of burpees and so on.  I hear Coach saying WOD in and WOD out, “Get registered for the OPEN.  You’re

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Game On

OK, friends, it’s that time of year- the 2013 CF Games Open is upon us!! CFW will be taking on the Open WODs during our regularly scheduled classes each Thursday for the next 5 weeks. That’s right! Even if you didn’t sign up, you’ll be performing a version of the Open WOD. Competitors who have

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