Fuel Series

Nutrition Matters.

At CFW we believe in that statement. You’re not going to reap the full benefits of your training if you’re not fueling correctly. Nutrition really matters and we’re here to help.

Each Wednesday starting the 13th of this month we’ll be presenting brief, power-packed nutrition talks to give you the basics on how to do one of three things: lose weight and get healthy, fuel for performance, and finally eating to gain size and muscle mass.

These classes are FREE to the public.


101 FUEL icon

Fuel 101

Wednesday, May 13th at 6pm. Topic- general nutrition for health, wellness and weight loss.



Jet Fuel

Wednesday, May 20th at 6pm. Topic- nutrition for optimizing performance.


Tank Fuel

Wednesday, May 27th at 6pm. Topic- Eating to gain muscle mass and strength.

Start Where You Are


By Sarah Pruitt

My mom ran a mother’s day out program when I was younger. Frequently, I would hear people tell her about how “they really wanted to have a little more money saved before they got pregnant” but then, before whatever magic number was reached, they had a baby, and somehow, it all worked out. I lost count of how many times I would hear my very wise mother say, “If you waited until you had enough money, you’d never have kids.”

Isn’t that true of every aspect of life? If you wait until you’re ready (whatever ready means anyway) or you have enough (another ambiguous word) you’ll never start.

I don’t know your story or where you’ve been, and none of us know where we are going, but here’s what I do know: NOW. Now is the place of beginning. Now is grabbing the bull by the horns. Now is pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Now is every single cliched motivational phrase. Why? Because there is magic in now. There is power in go. There is forward movement in, let’s do this. You can’t get anywhere closer to where you want to be without now. So, you want to lose a few pounds before you get in the gym? Forget that, come to the gym to lose a few pounds. Whatever you’re doing currently isn’t losing the weight. You think you need a little better cardio, or to be more flexible, or a little stronger before you’re ready to start? Whatever, start now, learn as you go, and get closer to your goals than you ever would while waiting to be ready. Just like those new parents who didn’t think they had enough money to have a baby, it will workout and you’ll realize you were more ready than you thought and you had enough to start, which turns out, is all you ever needed.


Sarah Pruitt is a Baptiste trained yoga instructor. You can find her teaching others how to connect with their breath and move with greater ease and fluidity every Wednesday morning at 9:30 and evening at 7:15 at CFW. As well as every Saturday at 8:30am (except the 3rd Sat of the month).

You Will Fail. You Will Fall.


Life is challenging. People, circumstances and events in your life can knock you down.

Failing is OK. Falling down is inevitable.

What you do after that defines you.

I could give you more words as an example but the first 2 minutes of this video tell the story so much better. For even more good stuff head to 9 minutes.

“What we do as skateboarders is we fall and we get back up and we fall and it shapes us proportionately.” -Rodney Mullen

Decide, Commit, Do


You don’t need another self help weight loss book. Nor are you lacking in the ability to change your life and health. You have everything you need. All that’s left is to decide, commit and do.

We make decisions every single day. Simple decisions like- What to eat for lunch.

Today I want sushi. I’m going to have sushi.

Whatever side of the sushi team you’re on- gross or yum isn’t the point. The thing is, nothing happens just because I decide and have committed to have sushi. I actually have to either go and get it or make my own. Otherwise I won’t have sushi.

Decide, commit, do and amazing things will happen.

Drop By Drop

The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence but by oft falling. -Lucretius


I like my 40 year old self a LOT better!

Nobody wants to hear it took two years or more to transform my body. Everyone is enamored with the 30 day, 60 day, shrink-wrap it in seconds, take this pill, eat this but not that malarky that abounds in the fitness industry. No one wants to hear, “Keep it up. Stay the course.” Most want you to say, “You’ll be skinny in 4 weeks!”

Many of you guys may have seen these pictures of me I posted a couple of weeks ago. The time frame between the two pics is about 13 years. Did it take me 13 years to get from one to the other? Short answer- no.

The “before” picture was in 2001 shortly after graduating chiropractic school. I was on a quest to get healthy. I began to ride my mountain bike, jog and hit the gym occasionally. When I started CrossFit in 2007, I was actually kind of skinny. I had run a few marathons and was looking for something to supplement my adventure race training. It took time to add weight and gain some muscle.

Coming into CrossFit training as an endurance athlete, I was shocked at how I stacked up against the competition. The CrossFit daily WOD was being completed by the likes of Chris Spealler and James Fitzgerald (OPT). I, like most, was in awe of their scores and would devour anything I could on how to improve. I learned quite a bit and loved geeking out on CrossFit. I’d watch every video posted by HQ, read the CF Journal and try to apply all my new found tech tips when I hit the gym. It was during this time that I began to learn one simple secret to improve at CrossFit.

Want to know that secret? Of course you do.

Here it is…keep moving forward.

I know, earth shattering. But as simple as that sounds, it’s not always easy to do.

In fact, many things can stand in the way of forward progress. Work, a hectic schedule, kids, illness, injury, etc. all can stop your momentum. I’m not saying to leave your kids at home with only the dog and hit the box while you have the flu. What I am trying to tell you is to figure out how to juggle your fitness goals and schedule in an optimum way. Don’t let something as simple as not being able to find matching socks keep you from your WOD. Plan ahead. Look at the week and know when you’re going to work out. Protect that time. Know that the hour spent in sweat is building the better you- drop by drop.

A Case For CrossFit and Endurance


Out of my 3 marathons my best one was my third race at the Dallas White Rock marathon. I had followed a plan from Runners World that had me running only 3 days a week. I ran short intervals, mid distance tempo runs and long runs. I stayed injury free (even though it was the typical build up to a 20 miler 3 weeks out) and had a great run! Four weeks later, I won a 5k here in Waxahachie. Sure it was a small local race, but I was pumped!

A year later, I found CrossFit. The strength training was a challenge for me but I could still run well even though it was no longer my primary focus. Two years into CrossFit with zero extra run training, I ran the Cowtown Half and was only 5 minutes slower than my best! Again, pumped! This time for different reasons. I was enjoying the varied fitness CrossFit was throwing at me and at the same time I could still do well at another fitness endeavors that seemed totally unrelated.

Three years into my CrossFit journey, I really got into CrossFit Endurance. I used it as my training for a few endurance relays- The Texas Independence Relay and The Capital to Coast. I’ve run each of these races twice. This last race C2C5 (2014) I can say I honestly I ran five specific “training runs” for that race.

Say what?


Nighttime exchange after running just over 7.5 miles.

That’s right. At the event, I ran 24 miles over the course of 31 hours with only 5 specific training runs. Want to know what they were?

1) 200m repeats x10
2) 400m, 600m, 800m x3 (rest was equal to work)
3) 3 mile run
4) 3 mile morning run/ 3 mile evening run
5) 5 mile “long” run

What else did I do? I rowed, squatted, performed muscle ups, did double unders (rope jumps), push weight overhead. I did rounds of running and kettlebell swings with pull ups. In other words, I did CrossFit. It’s my sport. I love it. But what I truly love about it is the preparation it gives me for just about anything.


Deadlifts make runners and cyclists better hill climbers.

The C2C5 was by far my best race. I enjoyed it. I loved running with my teammates. I loved the fact that 10 out of the 11 of my team were CrossFitters who like me scarcely prepared for this race.


My teammates ROCK!

Am I the “best” runner I could be? No. I’m not a specialist. I’m just a guy who enjoys doing unconventional things and preparing for them in a different way than most.

Could you  benefit from some strength training? Will something like this work for you? Most likely.

Would you like to try it? Shoot me an email and get signed up for an Elements Class- Chris@CrossFitWaxahachie.com