Monday 5-1-17

Our program “Fit/Strong/Comp” was a mainstay at CFW during the latter part of 2015. We used it as an opportunity to give more semi-individualized attention to member wants/needs. The three tracks allowed for members to focus on their personal goals and bias movements/loads that lined up accordingly. The main problem was trying to coach at times 3 vastly different WODs within a class that each needed their own warm up and detail time. We learned a lot and overall I don’t think that particular program was a bust. It was just too difficult to handle for one coach at that time.

We’re looking to revive a similar type of program at CFW. But with the reboot there will be some changes. First of all, we will not have a “Strong” track in the program. By programming for “Fit/Comp” we will greatly reduce the challenges we saw with the previous program. 80% or so of our workouts will be conditioning based. The WODs for the F/C program will be very similar to each other. Often they will only differ in loading or skilled movements. Here is an explanation of the two tracks:

FIT- You’ve been coming to CFW for 0-52 weeks and your main goal is to “get in shape.” You don’t necessarily love all the technical work (snatches and cleans) or the strength days. You put up with them in order to get to the conditioning. This group won’t get out of any of the above movements but there will be a different focus when it comes to the movements and loading. They won’t necessarily focus on heavy, high rep, technical movements. The goal with this group is progressive, appropriate loading and constantly varied functional fitness. You may still need to scale a load or movement based on your ability and needs. This will likely be the majority of our athletes.

COMP- The CrossFit Games Open is your goal. You want to smash it. You want to compete outside of the box at other CF comps. In other words, CrossFit is your sport and you realize the need for a broader and deeper training plan. You know you need more than the daily allotment of work and have the time/ability to do more. You may still need to scale a load here and there BUT you should have the ability to perform a majority of the high skilled movements required.

The WODs may be exactly the same on some days. The workload won’t be so different that the box is split into 2 tribes. For the most part the main difference will be rep schemes, loading and progressions.

Strength Work- Whether or not we have a strength WOD for the week there will be a heavy WOD programmed for you guys on Wednesday (and potentially other days that you can complete solo if you have availability). If you want more strength training take the opportunity on Wednesday to do it or come in at another class time during the week and use “The Pump” area downstairs. Classes will always have priority on equipment but you are welcome to use the space as a pre/post workout area. Another option is to take a class in the morning and do your strength workout later in the day (or vice versa). We will monitor progress of this program and if you guys take care of the space it’s all yours. We will write WODs that won’t interfere with your weekly work on the downstairs board.



“Heartbreak Kid”


10 Front Squats (115/80#)
20 Pull Ups
50 Single Unders


“Heartbreak Kid”


10 Front Squats (165/115#)
20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
50 Double Unders