WOD Icons


The coaches here at CFW always want you to do your best. With that in mind, we’ve developed some handy WOD Icons to help you determine the focus for each workout. These icons will help us prepare you for what to expect each WOD and how to load up/ be ready for the correct stimulus.


Dillon flies through bar over burpees. That’s cardio-respiratory endurance, folks.

I started CrossFit in September of 2007. When I first began I started out really weak in terms of “Rx’ing” WODs. In fact, I scaled pretty much every workout that came out of CF.com. I scaled not because I really wanted to but mainly because I couldn’t handle the load. Over time I got stronger and could handle more. There eventually came a time when I could Rx many of the WODs. Even then it wasn’t always in my best interest to do the workout as prescribed. Scaling vs not scaling shouldn’t come down to a matter of ego. If you truly desire to improve, you need the right workout. How do you know if you should scale a workout to make it right for you?

Here are a few tips on how to know when to scale a metcon WOD-

1- The Rx’d weight is >75% of you 1RM for that lift.

If the metcon is supposed to be quick and you’re setting the bar down because of lack of strength and not lack of breath, it’s too heavy. Staring at the bar isn’t going to improve your cardio-respiratory endurance.

2- You’re not proficient at the movement in the metcon.

If you aren’t able to move well the last thing you need to do is add load and move fast. Taking the time to improve your technique at lower weight and speed is crucial if you want to get better at CrossFit. Efficiency wins.

3- The coach asks you to scale.

We’re on your side. Our coaches aren’t trying to make you look uncool or hold you back. If we suggest a weight for you in a metcon it’s with good reason (usually #1 or 2 above). So listen to our experience and gain from it.


The right weight will make you stronger.

Like I said, I improved over the years but even with that progress I would still perform Fran with 75 to 85# even though I could “get through” the 95# version. Why? I wanted to go faster and suffer more. If you’re putting the bar down every 5-7 reps in Fran, you’re not doing Fran. It’s an all-out suffer fest and the more unbroken the better.

Here are the icons we will be using in the future and what they mean:

quick3Quick Hit

This will be a type of WOD that we want to hit hard and fast. It’s an intense workout in which not the weight but your cardio-respiratory endurance will be the limiting factor. The loading should be 50-60% of your 1RM for the given movement. We’re talking hair on fire here. Get it!



As a former runner, intervals have a special place in my heart. The intended stimulus will differ each time in the amount of work to rest but the basics are just that work…rest…work…rest.




This could also be called the Heavy Metcon. I don’t always want the stimulus to be unbroken and super fast. This could be a long or short heavy-ish day. You’ll want to show up on these days with a “No Quit” attitude.




Ahhh…a work day. This would be a single modality workout- Squat, Deadlift, Press…etc. Get in and bang some weights. Don’t forget your lunch pail and/or coffee.



We will begin posting these along with the daily WOD post to indicate the type of day you should be prepared for. My is that hope this will help you all improve on your fitness journey!


Coach Chris