Beginning next Tuesday for 12 weeks we will be posting a RunStrong WOD in addition to the CFW workouts on Tue/Thur/Sat. These workouts are to be done on your own (or with a buddy) outside of your normal training. If you are doing the CFW WOD on the same day, try to get 3-4 hours rest between workouts so you can give each your best.

There will be 4 different running modes utilized in this program- Interval, Tempo, Long, and Time Trial.

Interval is work/rest/work/rest…

Tempo is a medium hard but steady effort.

Long is a slower pace run typically on Saturday.

Time Trial is a test of your ability to run fast and steady over a certain distance. Think 5k race.

If you are new to running, it may be good to cut each of the workouts in half for the first 3-4 weeks as you get used to the workload.