Monday 12-7-15


VSMonday Mayhem #1


For Time
75 Pull Ups
100 Sit Ups
125 Squats

We will do this “Angie Style” meaning that you must go in order and complete all of one movement before moving to the next.


Box Briefs

CFW Christmas Party is this Saturday from 6-9pm. We’ve moved the festivities to the box and are looking to have some fun! Try as we might, it looks like the house won’t be ready for all of you guys this year. Looking forward to seeing you all at the box and not working out.

For those of you who were here last year, we’re bringing back the infamous CFW Holiday Scavenger Hunt. It’ll start at 5pm. More details to follow.

Let’s get ready to party!!


Last year CFW adopted two families who otherwise wouldn’t have had much for Christmas and made their holiday very bright. This year we have two 17 year old high school guys we get to bless with an awesome Christmas surprise. They have asked for things like shirts and pants and big dream items like a tablet and a karaoke machine, respectively. You can drop money in this wrapped box all week through Saturday’s Christmas party and we’ll get the needs and wishes met sharing the love and awesome that you guys have which makes CFW so special.

Sarah Pruitt's photo.