CFW Competitor- John Gloria


Crushing the CrossFit Games Open WOD 15.3.

John Gloria has been training at CFW since 2012 when he and his older brother Jay attended Coach Kara’s CrossFit Teens summer program. His lifelong training in Ju Jitsu gave him a strong foundation in body weight strength, agility, and movement awareness and only enhanced his adaptation to CrossFit.

Watching John grow and make tremendous gains has been encouraging and inspiring, not just for me, but for everyone he works out with as well, challenging and humbly leading people over twice his age. In addition to following the COMP track in his daily workouts at CFW, he has begun shadowing and assisting Coach Kara with CrossFit kids and is making plans to get his CrossFit Level 1 Certification in the next couple of weeks. He is going to make an awesome coach and already does a great job helping fellow athletes clean up their form and work better. He would be a great addition to the CFW coaching team, for sure.


John with his team at this years Sven competition.

We sat down with John to ask him why he chose to follow the COMP training program and what he hopes to accomplish by doing so. Here’s what he said:

CFW: What are your goals for your COMP training?
JG: To improve my strength and train for The CrossFit Games. I want to qualify for The Games just to go & get the experience, and to get famous too!

CFW: Who or what motivates you to work hard and do your best?
JG: Coach Chris and Coach Kara are my number one motivators and encouragers.

CFW: What is your favorite thing about the COMP training program so far?
JG: The extra work that pushes me to be better.

CFW: What improvements would you like to see in the 6 weeks of doing COMP?
JG: See my lift numbers go up and all times get faster. And maybe get a little thicker too.

CFW: Have you seen any improvements in the short time you’ve been doing COMP so far?
JG: My form and technique have already improved with the extra work and time in just a few weeks.