CFW Empowered- Debbie

IMG_0112Whenever I describe myself athletically, well… actually, you have to know that I really never described myself athletically! I was in the band to AVOID athletic encounters! So as I grew into my adult years, general fitness and knowing how to live a fitness lifestyle was not something I pursued. I had all of the excuses that everyone has but bottom line is that none of them were worthy of me sacrificing life for! My husband, Rusty has always tried to keep up a level of fitness and he always encouraged me to be healthy and by his own admission, he doesn’t want me to die first leaving him alone! He has always encouraged me to do something – walk, run, bike, aerobics – just move and get healthy!

In 2012, I committed to run a ½ marathon and I purposed to get a personal trainer to help me get into shape. Rusty suggested that I check out CFW because we had (and still have) a very good friend (Melissa Allen) who was really enjoying it. I emailed Coach Chris and got some information and attended the elements class in 2012. Those early days were pretty scary for me. I remember one morning at the 6am class, before I really knew anyone, we were working on the Power Snatch and I could not get it at all! I was so frustrated! Now it is my favorite lift! There’s something about competing with yourself and seeing yourself improve over time that is “addictive” in a way. When I think about where I started from in 2012 and where I am now as far as fitness goes, I get excited! My family teases me because they know that at some point during the day, I will definitely give them blow by blow details of the WOD (Workout Of the Day)!

IMG_7503The biggest and most important benefit to me regarding CFW is the development of relationships and friendships with people I would have never known without CFW. The Community at CFW is awesome! We really support one another and encourage one another. These are friends that I know without a doubt I can count on if I ever needed anything. In May of 2014, I injured my shoulder in a fall. I knew it was bad just by the way it felt. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and after an MRI, he confirmed that I had torn my supra and infraspinatus muscle – very serious. I was so bummed because this was a major setback. I had the surgery in June 2014 and started physical therapy right away and as soon as the doctor released me to do other things, I started working out on the AirDyne and running a little bit. I can’t tell you how IMG_0113tired I got of that AirDyne but just being at the Box and still seeing my friends was helpful in my recovery. Everyone was so caring and concerned and that meant a lot to me. I am very grateful for everyone’s support during this time – especially to Coach Chris, Laura (his wife) and Coach Kara Browne because they were a great encouragement to me! Now that I am back to working out and doing WODs, Coach Chris is very careful to help me figure out how to get my workout in and making sure that I don’t overdo and re-injure myself, how to modify movements etc. I am so glad that even through my injury; I kept coming to CFW and continued to be a part of the COMMUNITY! Coach Chris, Laura, Coach Kara, Sarah Pruitt (Yoga and general morale coach!) and the other coaches are genuinely concerned for each member of CFW and strive to help each of us be our best self! They are willing to offer their expertise in any way that it may be needed. They really care about each member and that means a lot to me!

Some accomplishments that I would never have realized without CFW is that I ran 2 Half Marathons! What?! Never ever would that have happened! I climbed to the top of Enchanted Rock, when a few years earlier, I only made it ½ way up! My husband loves to hike and manages to work that into our year periodically. This past month, we went to Colorado and we hiked several mountain trails – one of which ended with me climbing to the top and our 14 year old saying, “Is that Mom?!” He couldn’t believe I made it!

It is awesome to be able to do things now that I could never do before. I think about how without working on your fitness, it only gets worse and worse as the years progress and eventually you are so deep into the hole that you can’t get out. I don’t want to be in that hole. I want to be able to lead an active life as I age. So if you are reading this and you think you can’t do CrossFit, oh yes you can –if I can do this, you can too!