Wednesday 6-24-15


Wednesday Weightlifting 6-8am & 5-6pm

Yoga 9:30am & 7:15pm ($5 drop in)

Box Briefs


Community Service Project

One of the things we as CrossFitters train for is to be able to quickly adapt to any circumstance and changing stimuli. CASA found out last minute that the building they were going to use Saturday for their garage sale is double booked and they will have to hold their garage sale Friday instead. The good news is that we will still be able to help this great organization on Friday. The garage sale will run from 8-2 on Friday and they need help manning the garage sale as well as loading up the large quantities of furniture people buy in to their respective vehicles. We will get a chance to really flex our muscles at 2pm when everything that doesn’t sell will need to be loaded up and moved to the Salvation Army. The CASA garage sale will take place at the Woodman off the World building, 610 Water Street, from 8am-2pm on Friday. Anytime you could be available to help during those hours is appreciated, with special thank yous for the post-garage sale load up time. If you are free on Thursday and want to help move items to the garage sale location, you can go to their office on 601 Water Street and ask for Kim, Rebecca, Marissa, or Rhodie, let them know you’re with the CrossFit group and you are there to help and they will put you to work. We hope to see you Friday as we lend a few hands to help a group that helps so many.


Biathlon! Come test your run/shoot skills. We’ll have a short and long course available.

Short course- Run 400, 400, and 400m with 5 shots on target after each run.

Long course- Run 800, 800, and 800m with 5 shots on target after each run.

*penalties will be assessed based on each miss of the target.