Sven 6 Heat List

Sorry for posting this at the last minute, tons of SVEN prep all day. Here are the Heat Lists for Sven 6. WODs 1 and 2 will both have 2 heats of 7 teams. After that the top 3 teams will battle it out to see who is “The Best” {said in Nacho Libre voice}.

Heat 1

Diamonds In The Rough
Bringing Rexy Back
The Wonder Years
Barbell Divas
We Have a Pulse
The Young & the Rest of Us
All In The Family

Heat 2

CrossFit Quo Vadis
Ponytails & Planks
Frantastic Few
The Abenchers
Team Last Minute


We’ll be there by 7:30am tomorrow if you want to get in early.

ALL TEAMS (especially Nick’s team) need to be there by 8am to check in and sign waivers.

Check out the timeline and WOD post for more detailed info.

See you guys in the morning!