Wednesday 2-18-15


Wednesday Weightlifting 6-8am & 5-7pm

Yoga 9:30am & 7:15pm ($5 drop in)


The CrossFit Games Open is just over a week away! We’re planning some fun times here at CFW as we tackle these WODs! Here’s the scoop:

The CFW Team Open 2015

We’ll be drafting 3 teams to compete in house against each other during the 5 weeks of the Open. The team captains are your coaches- Chris, Cody and Kara. Next Wednesday we will be drafting teams (those of you who are registered) to compete together. This competition will not only be based on placing in the WODs but Team Spirit as well. In other words, having fun will be just as important as crushing the WODs.

We’re going to perform the Open WODs Friday morning, Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Our big event will be Friday nights from 5-7pm or so until we finish. This will be when the Team Spirit will be assessed.

1 point for each completed WOD (each athlete).

1 point to top 3 guys & gals each division (Rx’d & scaled).

5 points for team cheer (do you have it or not, each team could receive 5 points for cheer).

10 points for best team cheer (this could change week to week).

5 points for each team member wearing the team colors (extra points for costumes/above and beyond full body spirit).

So, get yourself SIGNED UP, JOIN THE TEAM and get ready to TAKE ON THE OPEN!!