CFW Empowered- Dave

IMG_6547 I joined CFW to work on rehabbing my ACL which had been torn in half. I started at CFW 10 months after the knee surgery. I realized the regular YMCA workout was not returning the results needed for fully rehabbing my knee. I needed a more aggressive full body strength training regimen.

The gains I have made at CFW have gone above and way beyond what I had expected. I have full motion of my knee again along with increased strength throughout my entire body.

Jammin' Initially I was tentative about the WOD’s. I don’t have a favorite yet, since there are quite a few. I did enjoy Grace and look forward completing it, with better technique and time, the next time we meet. I’ve started working on Snatches and that has quickly become the new challenge for me. The amount on body coordination and cooperation it takes to get that done is amazing. When I started, my least favorite movement was in the warm ups. That thing is called a Dead Bug. They don’t Bug me so much anymore. As of right now if I had to name a least favorite movement I’d have to go with Wall Balls. It’s challenging because I feel like I have to throw it so much higher than anyone else. Seeing as that I’m shorter than most everyone at the gym, it’s a little more work for me. IMG_5163 As I continue this journey my hope is to get physically stronger and improve my overall health. I feel stronger now than I did 20 years ago. I believe that going into the later years in my life healthy and fit will let me do things with my family that would not be possible without this type of physical training. I genuinely owe a lot to the last year at CFW.