Monday 10-6-14



30 Clean & Jerks (135/95#) for time.


“In the end it’s all about commitment. Amateurs perform until they get it right. Professionals perform until they can’t get it wrong. Accept nothing less than flawless.” -Jeff Gonzales, Tricon in Austin

Coach Josh and I met Jeff at GSX CrossFit in Ft. Worth during our CF Football cert. John Welbourn, the founder of CF Football, had Jeff speak to us about what he did and how it related to us as professional coaches. I found this quote in my notes this weekend and it struck a chord. You can skate through life, work, family, and recreation taking the easy path. That would be just fine for most. At least that’s what we’re lead to believe. Personally, I’m finding that the easy path is the absolute wrong way to go. In fact, the more the pain point in a particular matter the more it seems I need to press into it. I’m not talking about leaving your hand on a hot stove here. I think you’ll know what I mean when the time comes. Don’t take the easy path, my friends. Lean into the pain and learn.

Speaking of professionals, I’ve posted vids of Danny Macaskill before for you to enjoy. This by far has to be one of the most epic and amazingly beautiful pieces I’ve seen. Check it.