Just Keep Driving

Driving from Waxahachie to Lubbock takes a little while. Five hours usually. Riding a bicycle there takes a little longer, but that’s another story. When my family travels there, I don’t look at the odometer every mile and check it off. I hit the gas pedal and go. I talk with my wife (or she talks at me), we sing songs, and play silly car games. Before you know it, we’re at our destination.


Long stretch up the caprock.

Some of you keep “checking the mileage” on your fitness journey a little too much. You step on the scale each day to see what it has to say about you. You measure yourself every class against- the clock, the weight, yourself, and that guy/girl you compete with. You get wrapped up in the numbers and forget that you’re on a ride. A ride where it’s the destination that’s most important.

CrossFit is fun. At least if you let it be. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Eat. WOD. Recover.

Those are the big steps. While you’re at it, make a new friend and remember that above all- CFW is a community. We’re all on this trip together. Let’s hit the gas pedal and go!


Bodacious Biles Brothers