Supplements For Strength


You want to get bigger and stronger, huh? Well, you gotta work, eat and rest. That’s pretty much it. We’re going to support you guys who are wanting to do this by putting you (and everyone at CFW) on a linear loaded strength cycle. If you’re wanting to gain some size, we’ve got to tweak your metcons (cardio) a bit and have you go shorter and heavier. For those who are still looking for GPP (general physical preparedness), I want you to keep going on the strength cycle but don’t eat to support the growth. That plus regular metcons will keep you guys and gals tracking right along for weight loss and fitness. Hit it hard and have fun.

So, if you’re still reading this, I’m assuming you’re wanting to get bigger and/or stronger. OK, let’s do it. I’ll emphasize again- you gotta work, eat and rest. Your focus in the gym should be on the heavier days- Mon/Wed/Fri WODs. We’ll adapt your metcons up to support your goal. The programming is pretty simple. 3 sets of 5 on major lifts like back squat, press/ bench press, deadlift, and clean.

The eating part is up to you. Eating to support weight gain takes some effort. The easiest way is to add milk. If you can handle dairy, the trade off is worth it for promoting muscle growth. Other than than, increasing protein intake plus adding sweet potatoes is another approach. Read this- Power Athlete Diet– and do what it says.

Supplements that I would recommend would be pretty simple- whey protein, BCAAs and creatine monohydrate. Not being a fan of artificial sweetners, I’m a little picky about what brands I choose.

Here are a few good protein mixes- Stronger Faster Healthier Recovery (available online), Bluebonnet Whey (available at Anne’s in Waxahachie), or Designer Whey (I believe the vanilla is the only one w/o artificial sweetners- available at HEB or GNC).

I just use the GNC brand powdered BCAAs. Tip- it tastes like JUNK! That’s why they put so many flavors and sweetners in these. I mix mine in a little chocolate milk pre and post WOD.

Again, I just use the GNC brand powdered Creatine Monohydrate. It’s a powder that doesn’t dissolve all the way into liquid. Make sure you’re staying well hydrated if you’re taking this supplement.

As far as amounts go, here’s the scoop-

30-40g of Protein Post Workout

5g BCAAs Pre & Post Workout

5g Creatine Pre & Post Workout

Your post workout protein drink does not constitute a meal. Remember to eat within an hour of finishing. Keep it simple, don’t break the bank. Train hard. Eat more. Rest well. Then do it over and over.

For more info on strength adaptations, here’s an article I wrote a while back.

Another great spot for info- Lift Big Eat Big.

See you at the box!