Game On

OK, friends, it’s that time of year- the 2013 CF Games Open is upon us!!

CFW will be taking on the Open WODs during our regularly scheduled classes each Thursday for the next 5 weeks. That’s right! Even if you didn’t sign up, you’ll be performing a version of the Open WOD. Competitors who have signed up for our team must do the workout as written for their score to count. In addition to that they will have a judge watching each repetition performed to make sure it meets the standard. If you have not signed up for the Open, feel free to do each WOD as prescribed or modify to hit your best version (per your coach’s instruction).

Traditionally, the Open WODs are AMRAP. Specified movements and repetitions with a certain time frame to do as much work as possible. This generally allows us to run at least 2 heats per class. Here’s where I’ll need your help- BE ON TIME TO YOUR CLASS! We’ve got a lot to do each Thursday. Yes, we’ll warm up thoroughly each time but if you want to roll out or need a special extra warm up- be there EARLY. It may take some extra time as we set up judges, stations, go over movement standards and run the heats. The morning classes are going to run like clockwork. The evening classes will all still go off on time but there will probably be a lot more activity, so please be considerate of others and semi-flexible.


If you’ve never competed in CF before, get ready to test yourself! If this is your 2nd or 3rd go around, well, I don’t have to tell you much 🙂

First WOD posts at 7pm tonight on the Games Site!!!