The Godfather

If you workout in the morning, you may know Barry. But did you know this- Barry is the Godfather of CrossFit Waxahachie. We joke about this but it’s kinda true. You see, Barry was the first person who told me about CrossFit. He was all excited about this website you went to to get your workout for the day. I looked at the site and really didn’t understand much of it. I just wrote it off and went on my way. Then about 3-4 months later I came upon it again in a search for exercise routines. I guess the workout for that day made sense, so I tried it out (I don’t even remember what it was). The next WOD was Helen and it crushed me. I kept scrolling through the times that people had posted for this WOD and couldn’t believe I was so slow-weak-challenged by this effort. That was it for me! I was hooked. That was September of 2007. I’ve been at it ever since.

CrossFit and CrossFit Waxahachie have brought many things into my life that I’m truly thankful for- a community of friends and better fitness are just a couple of the biggies.

Thanks, Barry!

The Godfather on his way to a CF Total PR.