What’s The Difference

An alternate title to this post could be- How To Get Started With CrossFit Training. But, all you long timers should stick around to read the end.

What’s the difference between you and the top CrossFitters in the world?

Is it just that they can lift more? Is it that they can take more pain/volume/intensity? Do they have a better handle on nutrition and recovery? Are they just genetic freaks?

What’s the difference?

The truth is this- they have the same basic “machine” that you do. The fact of the matter is that many of you have taken much different “care” of your machine. Compounding interest of bad decisions- physically, nutritionally and mentally- catch up to you at some point and you’re left watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN wondering, “Could I do that? Ever?” You immediately dismiss the notion after you see the rope climbs and switch over to an Everybody Loves Raymond re-run.

The sad thing about writing it off is that CrossFit really is for everyone. It’s not all about the Games. It’s about taking a stand, making a change and going in a different direction. Are you going to be able to squat snatch 225# and climb a rope on day one? Unless your name is Rich Froning (a two-time winner of the CF Games), the answer is- no.

If you do make it off the couch to begin your CrossFit training you’re going to start where everyone does- at the beginning. You’re going to learn how to move your body. You’re going to find out where you’re limited in range of motion and in work capacity. This is a little something we at CFW call ELEMENTS. It’s a class that covers basic movements- squat and press variations, clean & jerk, snatch, kettlebell swing and deadlift. If you’re going to start using your machine, it’s best to know how to move it correctly. That’s what ELEMENTS is all about.

After that, you’ll be ready for a CFW group class. No, you won’t be thrown to the lions. In fact, a coach will help you through all facets of the WOD (Workout Of the Day). Little by little you’re going to gain many beneficial things your machine has forgotten or never acquired- strength, flexibility, stamina, confidence. Some days are going to be awesome, some are going to suck real bad, but most will be somewhere in the middle. The next day you’re probably going to hurt but that pain will be drowned out by an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

Whatever shape you’re in as you begin your CF journey, you’re going to start to bridge the gap between you and the Games athlete right away. You’re going to learn how to lift loads efficiently. You’re going to find out where you can push in a workout and where you’re going to need to coast. You’re going to learn how your body responds to an all-out 500m row or 7 minutes of burpees. Nutrition will be a work in progress as you dial in your food based on performance rather than comfort and desire. Sleep will be critical and you’ll protect your snooze time to maximize recovery. You’ll realize that while your genetics play a role in some things, nothing beats just flat out effort to find the best version of you!

Fast forward a few years and you’re slimmer, stronger, and can actually breathe while doing burpees. You’re the healthiest you’ve been in a long time and you’re quite certain you’re the fittest 53 year-old accountant in _______ county. Awesome! Now what’s the difference between you and the CF Games athlete? Honestly, who cares. You’ve done it! You’ve changed your life. Like I said at the beginning, it’s not really about the CrossFit Games. Not to take anything away from those amazing athletes. They inspire, motivate and challenge us to reach the next level. But on a personal level, as a coach at CFW my goal is to impact as many lives as possible. There are waayyy more of you that need to get off the couch than go to the Games. Get Fit, Have Fun, & Enjoy the Ride!

Ready to give CrossFit a try? Here are a few options coming up:

Our Elements class gives you the fundamental movements you’ll need to be ready for a group class. This is a one-time class. It lasts just over an hour and is included in your first month’s membership fees.

Email me to save a spot in the next Elements Class.

Open Gym-
At Open Gym every Wednesday, we reserve time to work with individuals who would like to check out CrossFit training.

Email me to schedule a trial workout at Open Gym.

FREE Community Workout-
Every 3rd Saturday of the month at 8:30am we host a Community WOD (Workout Of the Day). This is a free Saturday enjoyed by our members and non-members alike.

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