Whatever It Takes

This was around the start of her CrossFit journey.

Sarah is another one of the few who have made the transition from BFC back in 2009 to present day CFW. Over that time she’s been working- HARD! She’s come a long way since she started with us and is still giving whatever it takes to move forward, improve and change her life!

It hasn’t always been easy but Sarah has a knack for doing it anyway. Burpees, OK. Pull ups, sure. Hanging knee raises, yea. Don’t get me wrong, she likes these things about as much as anyone in her yoga class likes staying in chair pose for, “Five more breaths.” BUT- she does them. She knows that she can get through anything- one step, one movement at a time. Not only has she lost weight, her confidence has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years and it’s been awesome to watch!

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve almost come to blows over the WOD!

During a recent press workout, the weight just wasn’t going up. She was stuck in between two weights. The extra 5# jump was too heavy but taking them off was too light. What did she do? More collars on the bar. That my friends is being willing to do whatever it takes. That’s how I know Sarah will continue to move forward and meet all of her goals!

What do you do when you fail?

Surrounded by friends and a community that supports you, you can accomplish anything!

Ready to give CrossFit a try? Here are a few options coming up:

Elements- (our beginner class- more details HERE)
Thursday, January 31st at 5:15pm
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Open Gym-
Tonight (and every Wednesday) from 5-7pm