Friday 1-18-13


2 Reps every 30s for 5 min (22 total reps) at 60% of 1RM.


5 Rounds Not For Time:

2a) 40′ Farmer’s Carry- Men 70 or 100#/ Women 44 or 53#

2b) 40′ Bear Hug Sandbag Carry- Men 100#/ Women 75#

2c) 40 Sledgehammer Strikes (20L/ 20R)- Men 10#/ Women 6#


Don’t forget, we’ve got our FREE COMMUNITY WOD at 9am on Saturday.

Then we’ll be out at Swink CrossFit at noon in Midlothian for a benefit for the family of Jarrod Brodnax. Jarrod lost his battle with ALS just last night. You can find out more info, sign up for the events or give a donation by clicking HERE. I know they’ll appreciate the support!