Ditch the Crutches

What’s your crutch? You know, thing you have to have just right to start (or during) your WOD. I’ll list a few below and you can see if any of these are yours.

That’s right, 5:15, called you out (along with a lot of others). If the music isn’t right, I hear about it. “That’s too slow!” “Turn it up!” “I don’t like rap!” <insert frownie face here>

You know what? We lost power Monday morning at the box and several people lifted without music. GASP! Hard to believe, I know. It really happened and everyone was still able to throw barbells overhead.

Are you someone who needs to have the beats just right to perform? Do you need it to pump you up and whip you into a frenzy before you tackle Helen or a 1RM deadlift? If so, maybe you need to dial it back (or maybe not complain when it’s not just right for you). Who knows, it might be good to hear your breath every once in a while.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you not to hydrate. What I’m saying is don’t use that water bottle as a crutch. You can drink plenty before and after your WOD. We’re not running marathons here. Odds are if you’re taking a sip during your 6 minute modified Fran, it’s a crutch.

I get it. My mouth goes dry just about anytime someone says 3-2-1-GO. Shortly after that, my lungs and throat are both on fire. I’d like nothing more than to take a drink. Especially since it will also double as a rest break. I have to fight the urge almost every time.

So. Bottomline? If the workout is 25 minutes or less, you don’t need to stop for water. K?

Umm…Deadlifts and coffee are different, right Josh?

Chalk usage is legit. It helps you keep your sweaty paws on the bar. But did you really need more during the middle of that metcon or were you just looking for something other than pull ups to do for a few seconds?

Again, I get it. It’s a fine line. The pull ups are getting tough. I can’t breathe. Maybe more chalk will help me do better.

You’re going to have to decide- is it breath or more chalk that you need. Don’t go to the chalk bucket for air.

Do you connect with any of these crutches? Are you guilty of using any of them?

Have a different crutch? Come clean in the comments. TESTIFY!