This is a topic I started ruminating (get your Webster’s kids) on recently and I’m sure you’ll never guess where it came up. If you answered- in a documentary about a 1980s skateboard team– then you’re correct! Sure the easy answer would be church or men’s bible study but that wouldn’t keep you on your toes. You can never tell where you’re going to pick up that nugget that inspires or speaks to you. Keep your eyes open.

In this autobiography about the Bones Brigade, Tony Hawk (probably the only member you’ll recognize) is talking about learning new tricks. In particular he’s talking about watching and learning from a freestyle skater named Rodney Mullen. Rodney is quite an interesting character and to be honest I could listen to him for days. At first he seems dark and introverted but his thoughts and answers ring with thought-provoking truths.

Tony- “If something’s been done, it’s so much easier to learn than if it’s never been done before. If someone has made it, it’s in your head- It’s possible, you can do it.”

Rodney- “Belief is at the heart of everything. All they have to do is have an acknowledgement, a switch that goes off to see it. It’s like, ‘Oh wow! I can do that, too!'”

In CrossFit, we get to see what’s possible. That’s what makes the whiteboard so important. I want to know what’s been done. I want to know what the line is- the fastest time, the heaviest load, the max rounds.

Armed with that knowledge- be it from or our whiteboard here at CrossFit Waxahachie- I’m going to do my absolute best. My task isn’t just to beat the top score (that’d be nice). No, it’s to get close to the standard. A sub 2 min Fran? A 30+ round Cindy? Sub 7 min Helen? Done. Done. Done. Not by me. But it’s out there. It’s possible.

And I BELIEVE I’m getting closer. How about you?