Tuesday 10-9-12

“The Gauntlet”

Perform one thruster every 45s while increasing weight until you are unable to make the lift.

Weight will range from:

Women- 35 to 125# (in 10# increments)

Men- 115 to 205# (in 10# increments)

The athlete must clean the bar from the ground and perform a front squat/ push press (ie thruster). A squat clean is permitted.

There are 10 bars total for men/women. If you fail to make the lift at bar #6 or below (165/85#), you must perform 20 burpees. It’s not a penalty…ok maybe it is a penalty…


Band Sprints x5

Partner up and perform 5 50m banded sprints. Walk back to recover each time and then switch runners. Make it difficult for your partner to run, but remember- YOU’RE NEXT!