CrossFit Adaptations Part 1- IWCABTMD

Whenever I tell someone I own a CrossFit gym or they see my shirt and ask about CFW. The first question is typically, “What is CrossFit?” or “What do y’all do?” In that moment, it’s often a hard question to answer. So many things flash through my head about CrossFit and what it’s all about.

Efficient Movement

Functional Movement

Strength Training


I usually get out that- “CrossFit is a mix of weightlifting, gymnastics (ie bodyweight movements) and cardio (like running or rowing). Sometimes done one at a time and sometimes mixed together.”

That gives a basic idea of what it is but it doesn’t tell you what about the end goal. What we’re looking for is this:



Increased Work Capacity Across Broad Times and Modal Domains

In a nutshell, I want to be able to do it all! I want to lift heavy, run far/fast, jump high and outlast everyone. The benefits to this broad, general and inclusive training style are really the things most people envision when they’re trying to workout. When you work this hard and eat to support your fitness goals, your abs can’t help but pop out. You also have the benefit of getting faster and stronger. We’re training to get strong/fast/explosive NOT to get skinny. The adaptations to this training style are lean, athletic bodies that can do work!

I’m going to spend the next few weeks covering the 10 Physical Skills that CrossFit develops and break each one down. Stay tuned in!