Heroes Do Exist

In CrossFit we perform Hero WODs to honor first responders who have fallen. I’ve written some about these workouts HERE and HERE.

I, like many of you, wish we didn’t have to see these come up. Not because they’re hard workouts. Not even close. It’s because it means another loss of life. Each time we add to the number of ever-growing Hero WODs, it means that another sacrifice has been made so that we may enjoy our freedom.

As we recall the events from September 11, 2001, I am thankful for the men and women who laid down their lives on that day and since to protect our great nation.

Today’s WOD is in honor of Randy Simmons, 51, a 27 year LAPD veteran and SWAT team member who was killed February 6, 2008 in the line of duty.

Let’s do our best!

(The above pic is another awesome Britt design.)