We Are Winning

Why in the world did a team in 10th place going into the final WOD (of 3) finish, circle up into a big group hug, yell, and high five like they just won the whole competition?

Well, I’d have to go back to the warm-up area just before WOD 1 to tell you the story. As our CFW Alpha Team was getting ready for the 50 squats (each) at 185/135#, we were all a bit on edge. We were excited-nervous and ready to get going. Right before it was time to head out, I gathered the team for a pep talk. It went like this:

“Hey guys, listen. Losing is a mindset. So is Winning. I don’t care what the standings say during this competition. We’re going ALL IN and until we hear different, WE ARE WINNING THIS THING!”

And so we went off to WIN!

Britt flying over Jason in WOD 2.

Each workout we finished ended the same way- in a group hug. We were all together in this event. One big heartbeat. It was incredible to experience!

Just looking at us and our reactions, you would have assumed we won the Europa CrossFit Challenge. And you know what? In a way, we did! In practice we didn’t break 10 minutes in two of the WODs. At the comp we finished ALL of them sub 9!

CFW Alpha Team ended the day in 16th. We put everything we had into each WOD. We came out and did our very best. That, my friends, is a WIN!

The same option is there for you each time you step up to a WOD. Winning is a mindset. CrossFit workouts are hard enough. Don’t lose in your head before you hit the start line.


P.S. Stay tuned for this Friday when I break down Team Second Choice and tell you about their HEART!

Jason, Heather, Britt, T, and Coach- Team Alpha/ We Mustache