A week from tomorrow, two teams from CFW are going to compete in the Europa Challenge in Dallas. We’ll spend all day Saturday competing in 3 different workouts as a team. This will be our 3rd year of taking a CFW team to this competition! We are so excited about the opportunity to join an amazing community again and compete in the sport of fitness!

Our teams are:

Coach, Jason Dickensen, Brittney Harper, T, and Heather Bodle.

Jordan Siegel, Josh Harper, Ben DeLuca, Kara Browne and Bethany Larson.

We’d LOVE your support if you’re able to make it out! It’s been a blast each year! This year there are individual challenges for the spectators to compete in as well- for cash money!

Individual Challenges:

During the day…we can have individual skill tests for spectators or crossfitters to win small sponsorship packages/prizes/money. $100 for each event winner ($50 for top male $50 for top female)

Broad jump for distance

Max rep double unders for 2 minutes (Bring your own rope)

30 lb Slam ball throw for distance

Max Altlas Stone lifts for 2 minutes

Handstand walk for distance

Doors open at 8am. Event kicks off at 9am.

Wish us luck!