I AM CrossFit

KB has been working out with me since I started my very first boot camp program in April of ’09. The first workout I ever programmed was on April 7th:

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 15 minutes of-

5 jumping pull ups
10 modified push ups
15 squats

Kara 12 rounds +5 pull ups
Gena 6 rounds +10 squats
Chelsey 11 rounds +11 squats
Laura 12 rounds +2 pull ups

As a high school and college athlete, she had some pretty good skills coming into the workout. She did pretty good. But I can guarantee that the 2012 version of her would kick the 2009s tail! In fact, I’m pretty sure she could beat her previous score now with real pull ups and push ups on her toes. That’s what 3 1/2 years of dedication will do!

Kara is probably going to hate this post, but those of you who know her know that she’s hard-working, focused and driven as a mom, wife and athlete. It’s been a privilege to coach her over the years and see her grow. She truly is CrossFit!

This level of growth and development is available to all of you guys who are seeking it. Show up, work, eat to support your goals, and keep doing it (this has kinda been a theme lately).

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